About MUSINSA Operational Policy

About MUSINSA Operational Policy

Welcome to About MUSINSA (“Site”). This is the operational policy (hereinafter referred to as the policy) for the website visitors.

1. Copyright

All of the information provided on the website may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, exhibited or performed in accordance with the Creative Commons license 2.0 policy. However, information users may only use it for non-profit purposes, not for-profit purposes

The users of the website content must comply with the following conditions.

  • Attribution : The original author of the content must be indicated
  • Non-profit : The work cannot be used for commercial purposes
  • Prohibition of alteration : The corresponding content cannot be adapted, changed or processed. (No production of derivative works)

※ If any changes are necessary, proper agreement and approval with the website administrator must be acquired.

2. No Guarantee

Musinsa does not guarantee the confidentiality of any information disclosed by users on the website. It is not responsible for any damage that users may experience in this regard. In addition, it is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information, data, or facts posted by the website users.

3. Use of About MUSINSA

Website users can freely browse Musinsa related information and news without entering personal information. However, when the website is accessed, the server automatically includes information that regulate the user's browser, such as the website address, Internet protocol address, browser type and language, visits or content sharing, date and time of posts, and cookies. The website activities of the user collected and saved in this way are quantified to be used only for the purpose of further developing the website and they are protected in compliance with the security recommendation matters set by the law.

4. Use of Cookies

The website may collect and store the user's computer information through the Internet form of a 'cookie'. Cookies are small files made up of characters and in the first access to the website, it regulates the user’s browser and are stored on the user’s computer. For example, when sending an inquiry, the user's name and email remain and are operated by using cookies. Cookies make the website more useful for the visitors. Most browsers are set to accept cookies, but visitors can manually reset their browser to reject all cookie settings or to specify when to transmit cookies. However, if the user’s cookies do not work or have been deleted, the website services may not work properly.

5. Link

The content of the website contains links to places that are not protected by Musinsa's policies, such as the Musinsa Global Store. Musinsa does not endorse any external websites that are linked or any content, information, or advertisements not produced by the website itself.

6. Contact us

Musinsa will continue to supplement and improve About MUSINSA to meet the diverse needs of the website visitors. For inquiries regarding the website policy and handling of personal information, please contact the MUSINSA help center[https://help-global.musinsa.com/hc]

The above policy is subject to change over time. The contents of changed policy are posted at the top of the page by effective date, and the contents of the previous policy are also posted in the table of contents for user review.