musinsa standard to Design Team Korea’s Uniforms for the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

August 17, 2023

Seoul, August 17, 2023 ― musinsa standard, a contemporary basic style casual developed by MUSINSA, has announced its official sponsorship of the Korea Sports & Olympic Committee(KSOC). In this partnership, musinsa standard will lead the design of Team Korea's official uniforms for both the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, scheduled for 2022.

Solidifying this partnership, musinsa standard and the KSOC signed a sponsorship agreement on August 16th, with creative efforts set to kick off on September 23rd.

musinsa standard has gained acclaim for its unique "New Basics" style, seamlessly incorporates evolving consumer preferences and trends. The brand operates flagship stores located in Gangnam and Hongdae, serving as iconic destinations that attract over a million local and international visitors annually.

With this official partnership, musinsa standard and the KSOC will work together to coordinate a series of various marketing campaigns aimed at elevating local athletic sports to new heights. For Team Korea's uniforms, the brand will infuse its design with the vibrant and youthful spirit of the national team. The unveiling of musinsa standard's designs for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games is set for September.

Gunho Lee, Head of musinsa standard, stated, 'We are immensely proud and honored to contribute to the creation of official uniforms for our national athletes as they prepare to shine on the global stage. Starting with the uniforms for the Hangzhou Asian Games, we are steadfast in our commitment to support the Korean national team, empowering them to compete with unparalleled fervor and backing."