musinsa standard Unveils Team Korea’s Opening and Closing Ceremony uniform for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

September 8, 2023

Seoul, September 8, 2023 - musinsa standard, a contemporary basic style casual developed by MUSINSA, is set to reveal the designs for Team Korea’s  opening and closing ceremonies uniforms ahead of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou.

The uniform concept unveiled by musinsa standard for Team Korea is 'white-clad folk,’ reinterpreting the tradition of wearing white attire as a symbol of dignity and strength, with an ivory denim setup. The collection includes eight items, featuring a denim jacket and pants, along with accessories like shoes, bags, and belts. This approach adds a refreshing and youthful dimension to the Team Korea's appearance, emphasizing a casual yet formal style.

The incised lines on the jacket and the embroidery on pants represent the iconic 'hip-and-gable roof' of Hanok, a Korean traditional house. The buttons are inspired by the shape of a ‘big drum,’ a traditional  Korean musical instrument. To complete the ensemble, a key ring resembling the ‘norigae,’ a traditional Korean ornament, is added. The team's belts, shoes, and socks are adorned with the Korean flag and the Team Korea logo. 

Recognizing the hot and humid weather conditions anticipated during the Hangzhou games, musinsa standard has also incorporated functional aspects into the fabric. Both the top and bottom of the denim set-up incorporate ‘Coolmax’ and ‘Askin’, fabrics that are engineered to wick moisture and allow the passage of heat.

Along with the unveiling of the design, musinsa standard also conducted a photo shoot with 5 members of national athletes, including Joowon Kim (rhythmic gymnastics), Heonwoo Kim (breaking), Jang Joon (taekwondo), Woongtae Jun (modern pentathlon), and Hyojin Hong (fencing), participated as models. The photo shoot will be released on September 18 through the MUSINSA mobile app and website.

"We anticipate that this uniform, seamlessly merging contemporary silhouettes with timeless traditions, will serve as a radiant emblem for the Korean national team throughout the Asian Games," stated Gunoh Lee, head of musinsa standard.

National athletes Jang Jun(taekwondo) and Woongtae Jun(modern pentathlon) wear the opening and closing ceremony uniforms designed by musinsa standard for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games.