MUSINSA Unveils Campaign with NewJeans under the theme of ‘NewJeans’ Journey to MUSINSA’

October 12, 2023

MUSINSA launched a global campaign in collaboration with its ambassador NewJeans. The campaign will be unveiled  through the store and its official SNS channel on October 12. 

Titled ‘NewJeans’ Journey to MUSINSA’, this campaign aims to introduce 23 Fall/Winter fashion items from 13 distinct K-fashion brands, including GLOWNY, Mardi Mercredi, Matin Kim,  OIOI and more. As part of this campaign, MUSINSA offers a promo code that provides an extra 17% discount on selected products styled by NewJeans in the campaign. Additionally, high-definition wallpapers from this campaign are available through the MUSINSA APP.

Dressed in the latest fashion pieces from various K-fashion brands, the members of NewJeans introduce a diverse range of new styles for the Fall/Winter seasons. Each member is styled with trending seasonal items, including cargo skirts, racing jackets, cowichan sweaters and more, showcasing the unique design and silhouettes of these brands. 

MUSINSA also features advertising screens in prominent locations such as Melrose District in LA, Shibuya in Tokyo, and Umeda in Osaka. To engage with the audience, customers who photograph NewJeans billboards and upload them on their social media account, tagging MUSINSA global(@musinsa_global), have the opportunity to win a MUSINSA magazine NewJeans Edition. 

MUSINSA’s official statement explains, “Through this Fall/Winter campaign, we aim to spotlight the freshness and distinctive allure of K-fashion in collaboration with NewJeans. We are deeply passionate about showcasing various Korean designer brands alongside one of this generation’s most influential and iconic artists.” 

This campaign is available for viewing on the MUSINSA global and its official instagram account from October 12 and running until October 25.