MU-B wiki: YESEYESEE - A brand by three MUSINSA kids who have grown up as brand directors, leading their brand to the top spot on MUSINSA ranking

March 22, 2024
MU-B Wiki: Short for 'MUSINSA Brand Wiki,' introducing brands that have grown with MUSINSA

 🆅 YESEYESEE, How successful is it these days? 

- 5 billion KRW in 2021, 9 billion KRW in 2022, targeting 13 billion KRW in 2023

- Opened an offline store in Seogyo-dong in 2023

- Collaborated with New Balance, Reebok, AOMG, and others for collections

One question. Choose the correct way to pronounce YESEYESEE. 


② YES /  EYE /  SEE 

③ Y E S (Read vertically)

     E Y E

     S E E

The answer is: None.  All three are correct! (YESEYESEE) Just like it’s acceptable to pronounce names however you like, YESEYESEE is a flexible street casual brand that supports the diverse personalities and interpretations of individuals wearing clothes. Since its acquisition by JKND, the parent company of thisisneverthat, in 2020, it has emerged as a rising star, rapidly increasing sales to 5 billion KRW from the following year onwards. 

Three high school friends who loved MUSINSA, creating the top-ranked brand on MUSINSA 

What if the product I made ends up being ranked first on the fashion platform where I spent all my pocket money during school days? Surprisingly, the three directors behind YESEYESEE, Heo Seong-beom, Yeon Il, and Im Chae-seung, were once known as MUSINSA Kids during their school days, even part of the now-vanished ‘MUSINSA King Gallery.’

“We were very active on MUSINSA during high school, drawing much inspiration from the MUSINSA community. Some of you may remember, but when we were young, there was a board called ‘King Gallery’ on MUSINSA. It was a community where MUSINSA users could show off their styles. Not everyone could post; you had to be recommended by other users to get your post up. Proudly, all three of us from King Gallery; being featured there felt like becoming heroes (Laughs).
Having such memories, it felt like “we absolutely had to have partnership with MUSINSA." There’s also a special affection for MUSINSA. Our goal was to be ranked number one on MUSINSA, and we achieved it.

- Heo Seong-beom, YESEYESEE Director (excerpt from an Unbox interview)

YESEYESEE featured on MUSINSA TV [Brand New Talk]

“At the outset, YESEYESEE focused heavily on ‘sensibility’ and ‘coolness’ for brand development. While these were attractive points, we recognized the need for sales strategies to attract a broader customer base. Aligning with the MUSINSA vibe became imperative to resonate with its customers. Collaborating with the Brand, MUSINSA MD, and MUSINSA editors, we produced photographs that received high brand satisfaction.Through a special event featuring coupons linked to these photographs, we successfully balanced sensibility and sales."

“Despite initially being a brand that did not offer discounts, in 2024, YESEYESEE broke tradition by providing a MUSINSA-exclusive discount on new products for the first time since its launch. This marked a deepening of our partnership with MUSINSA over the years.“

- The MD in charge, who endlessly loves YESEYESEE

But just entering MUSINSA didn’t automatically propel YESEYESEE to the top spot. According to the MD who has been working with the brand since 2020, emphasized the need for a strategic approach to expand YESEYESEE’s appeal beyond its dedicated fan base of enthusiast

MUSINSA-exclusive photograhs. By conducting a  special coupon event, boosted both the sense of excitement and the sales effect.  

The beginning of a collaboration powerhouse   

The in-depth partnership with MUSINSA and YESEYESEE has led remarkable projects. The Disney 100th Anniversary Collaboration Collection featuring Deadpool and the Dickies Collection in 2023 were brought to life through the proactive efforts of MUSINSA MD. By collaborating with brands of diverse styles, YESEYESEE garnered attention and increased popularity.


Additionally, the <Fast & Furious> collaboration collection pop-up, hosted at musinsa terrace in Seongsu, attracted the highest number of visitors in 2023 at musinsa terrace Seongsu. 

The YESEYESEE Poker Varsity Jacket worn by Sohee of RIIZE in the MUSINSA photoshoot (sold out!)

They also had a great relationship with MUSINSA ambassadors. The YESEYESEE’s ‘Poker Varsity Jacket’ worn by the rising group RIIZE’s Sohee saw a 502% increase in sales after the photoshoot reveal compared to the previous period. It’s now sold out and hard to find. It’s an immense ✨Sohee effect✨. 

YESEYESEE and MUSINSA have forged a dynamic partnership, growing together through various initiatives ranging from sales strategies to collaborations, offline pop-ups, and ambassador promotions. As stated by a MUSINSA MD, YESEYESEE is undeniably a brand worth keeping an eye on as it continues to evolve. Stay tuned for this year’s moves this year! 

Lastly, let’s explore three ways YESEYESEE leverage MUSINSA, as shared by the MUSINSA MD. 

🆅 3 Ways YESEYESEE makes use of MUSINSA

- Producing collaboration collections with brands of diverse styles, such as Disney (Deadpool) and Dickies, previously unexplored by YESEYESEE, exclusively unveiled on MUSINSA to showcase the brand’s unique identity. 

- Holding multiple MUSINSA LIVEs, ranking in the top 5% of sales among participating brands in MUSINSA LIVE. 

- In 2023, exclusively launching the ‘Fast & Furious’ collaboration collection at musinsa terrace Seongsu, resulting in the creation of the top-ranking pop-up, as determined by last year’s visitor count at musinsa terrace Seongsu.   

👀 If you want to dig in YESEYESEE, 

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