MU-B wiki: OJOS’ Growth Strategy: The 1+1 = Infinity Rule

June 3, 2024

 🆅 OJOS, How successful is it these days?

· 23% Growth in MUSINSA Sales Compared to Previous Year

· GOPECORE and Techwear Trends, Securing Over 10% Repurchase Rate with a Strong Identity

· November 2023: OJOS Opens OMOTESANDO Store in Japan, Surpassing 100 Million Won in Sales within a Month

🆅 Three key figures co-created by OJOS and MUSINSA 

When OJOS releases a product, it’s always a hit.

OJOS, ASICS, and Japan’s atmos collaborated on sneakers that received an enthusiastic response through MUSINSA Drop.

Last December, a collaboration between OJOS and ASICS caused a stir in MUSINSA.  The ASICS GEL-1130 sneakers, featuring OJOS’ signature grey color and charm decorations, were a huge hit, with 50,000 people participating in the MUSINSA Drop, which releases limited-time exclusive products, within just three days.

The responsible MD asserts that this outcome cannot be made without ‘OJOS.’  With a clear brand identity, OJOS creates more than just a sum with collaborations, adding significant value beyond 1+1=2.

“OJOS is a brand with a clear direction and mood. From the CEO to the brand MD, you can feel their deep consideration for ‘consistent branding’.
Their dedication and effort in branding make OJOS stand out among many women's GOPECORE brands."

- MUSINSA MD who is in chrage of OJOS

(Left, Center) Swimwear from the 2023 collaboration with FILA,(Right) Contact lenses embodying OJOS' identity

The 1+1=Infinity Rule of OJOS' Growth Strategy Leading to 7x Revenue

OJOS is known for designs influenced by GOPECORE and deconstruction fashion, characterized by separation, transformation, disassembly, and recombination.  The brand frequently uses stretchy and shiny materials, earning it praise for being practical yet stylish. This approach has solidified the ‘OJOS’ identity, offering versatile items that can be styled in multiple ways—essentially, one source, multi-use!

OJOS can create diverse looks with one item; OJOS 24SS Lookbook

While each of OJOS product has a clear identity, customers sometimes struggle to match them with existing items. MUSINSA’s content production team, with over 100 members including editors and photographers, creates fashion editorials that help with styling ideas. These resources provide practical examples of how to incorporate OJOS items into various outfits.

“While OJOS lookbooks showcase the brand's mood and direction, they only feature OJOS products, which can be limiting for customers.
MUSINSA’s editors produce content like MUSINSA Magazine, Coordinate Maps, and Coordinate Shops to fill this gap.
A MUSINSA editor viewed OJOS from a different perspective and showcased styling content that matched OJOS items with various other brands, creating a more diverse and vibrant feel. It’s great to see how OJOS products can be expressed in so many ways”

- OJOS Brand MD

Fashion editorials showcasing OJOS' trending items from diverse perspectives by MUSINSA editors and photographers.

Last year, the collaboration between OJOS and MUSINSA was active with diverse styling editorials and the ‘MUSINSA Terrace Pop-Up’ events that focused on rising brands. Earlier this year, during the showcase event for the early release of SS new products, sales soared sevenfold compared to the previous week, reaching hundreds of millions, indicating a promising collaboration for this year.  

Since the end of last year, OJOS has also expanded to offline flagship stores at MUSINSA Hongdae and MUSINSA Daegu, increasing interactions with offline customers.

OJOS pop-up store held at MUSINSA Hongdae in January 2024

Lastly, let's take a look at how the MD utilizes MUSINSA for OJOS.

🆅 3 Ways OJOS use of MUSINSA as Revealed by the Responsible MD

· Centralized sales channels through MUSINSA and used data from MUSINSA toplan products and sales strategies.

· Strengthened OJOS' identity andexpanded its customer base through collaborations with various brands.

· Enhanced customer awareness by showcasing OJOS through stylingeditorials, special event content, and MUSINSA's offline channels

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