MU-B wiki: NACHE - The ambitious brand, which has seen a consecutive 300% increase in revenue over the past three years

May 27, 2024

 🆅 NACHE, How successful is it these days?

· Three consecutive years of 300% increase in brand annual revenue from 2021 to 2023

· The brand aims for a 200% increase in annual revenue compared to the previous year in 2024

· Global expansion initiated with the opening of showrooms in Shanghai, China, and Paris, France starting from 2024 Q1

🆅 Three key figures co-created by NACHE and MUSINSA 

How wonderful would it be to do what you want?

Everyone has dreams, but they’re never easy to achieve.  However, there’s a director who turned his dream into reality. That’s none other than Director Lee Dajin, who created the brand NACHE. Director Lee Dajin followed his desire to ‘create a brand’ and impulsively moved to Seoul. Overcoming uncertainties and embracing new challenges on the path to his dream, he serendipitously seized an opportunity.

“At that time, while majoring in Korean Language and Literature at Hongik University, I was also double majoring in Textile and Fashion Design. During vacations, I attended a pattern-making academy near my school. After the class at the academy, while walking towards the school gate, I happened to see a notice from the Industry-Academia Cooperation Foundation offering support of 500,000 KRW for prototype development, so I applied and ended up creating the first sample with the received funding. This led to the start of the brand after producing three samples as per the received funding.”

“Despite initially being a brand that did not offer discounts, in 2024, YESEYESEE broke tradition by providing a MUSINSA-exclusive discount on new products for the first time since its launch. This marked a deepening of our partnership with MUSINSA over the years.“

- WWD KOREA Interview with Director Lee Dajin of NACHE

NACHE has garnered a fandom with its experimental and avant-garde mood. Maintaining a distinct design concept and brand identity made it easy for us to enter fashion distribution platforms.  However, concerns arose as we expanded our distribution channels. Each distributor had different customer preferences and operational policies, making it difficult to focus on how to showcase the brand and formulate sales strategies.

To encourage the brand’s new design experiments and challenges, MUSINSA introduced the Season Preview operation process chart It operates as along-term project spanning over 6 months from product planning to actual release.

“The heartfelt feedback and reactions we received from customers through the season preview were immensely helpful in shaping our new season’s strategy and direction.

Additionally, the trends and data provided by Musinsa were incredibly insightful. Seeing what was previously vague intuition transformed into tangible data allowed us to actively utilize it in product development.”

- Interview with Lee Dajin, CEO of NACHE, by Fashion Biz

MUSINSA Daegu·Hongdae Rank Top in Sales

In 2024 Q1, NACHE achieved top sales rankings at MUSINSA Daegu and Hongdae. By establishing a presence in both locations, NACHE is solidifying its brand identity, emphasizing its allure of ‘only those who try it on know its charm.’

NACHE pop-up zone at MUSINSA Hongdae flagship store (March 2024).

NACHE specializes in natural, flowing silhouettes, and delicate details such as shirring and seam lines. According to the responsible MD, many products feature versatile fit sand materials, which truly shine when experienced offline. Actual reviews of NACHE products within MUSINSA mention, ‘I tried it on and purchased it at the MUSINSA store, and it’s so beautiful!’”

“After focusing on Musinsa, sales have increased compared to before we streamlined our sales channels. This has served as an opportunity for us to choose and concentrate more effectively. Furthermore, having our brand NACHE available at Musinsa stores in Daegu and Hongdae has greatly contributed to boosting sales. In particular, it has helped us expand our reach to customers who were previously unfamiliar with our brand.”

- NACHE Brand MD

Director Lee Dajin and a styling exhibition featuring the 24 SS NACHE new products were also exclusively presented at MUSINSA

Directors Lee Dajin and Lee Najin are also active as models under the modeling agency Esteem. Their diverse activities as models are said to be the driving force behind the growth of NACHE. The intricate and avant-garde mood unique to NACHE has led to its success in various aspects, drawing inspiration from accumulated experiences.

With a heart full of ambition, Director Lee Dajin’s brand NACHE has been preparing for further expansion this year.  With Musinsa as our partner, we aim for a 200% increase in sales this year, and we have also started our overseas expansion in Shanghai, China, and Paris, France. It won’t be long before NACHEis featured in global magazines!

Lastly, what are the three ways that the responsible MD has revealed for utilizing NACHE on MUSINSA?

🆅 3 Ways NACHE use of MUSINSA as Revealed by the Responsible MD


· It participated in Musinsa’s season previews for two consecutiveseasons to challenge new designs and plan brand sales strategies.

· Strategically, it entered Musinsa stores in Daegu and Hongdae,ranking in the top tier of sales in 2023 and experiencing growth in 2024 forthree consecutive months.

· Through showcases, ambassador promotions, and unique Musinsacontent like the Coordi Map and Coordi Shop, it elevated sales and brandawareness simultaneously.

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