MUSINSA is a Seoul-based online fashion store that offers an extensive collection of both local and global brands. The store launched in 2009, starting from a fashion content community, has since evolved into a full-fledged online store that serves customers in 13 countries worldwide. Today MUSINSA connects 8000+ brands to 5M+ fashion enthusiasts, offering unique designer brands and K-fashion themed contents.

As a leading online fashion marketplace in Korea, we endeavor to share the allure of Korean culture and brands with individuals across the globe, while also supporting emerging designers with remarkable flair. Our mission is to connect local fashion brands with trend-leading communities and introduce competitive local brands to audiences worldwide. To achieve this, MUSINSA collaborates closely with icons of K-culture and hosts a diverse range of engaging online and offline campaigns that resonate with fashion enthusiasts all around the world.


Guide to better choice


29CM began its journey as an online lifestyle select shop in 2011 with the mission of guiding people to make a better choice. It curates and suggests better options for fashion, home, tech, beauty, and cultural products.

29CM is a Commerce x Media platform with a focus on uncovering, archiving, and spreading brands’ philosophies and stories that were previously little known to the public.

As an incomparable storyteller for its partner brands and a guide for making better choices to the customers, 29CM is pioneering a new genre in the commerce industry.


Find your coveted ones at soldout


soldout is a re-commerce platform that embodies the expertise and know-how of MUSINSA, which started as an online community for sneakerheads. soldout has expanded its category offering from limited edition sneakers to clothing, fashion accessory, lifestyle, tech product, etc.

The market price is determined through real-time bidding system open to both sellers and buyers. Once a transaction is made, the product is delivered after a rigorous authentication process by our in-house experts.

Shop limited editions on soldout, a marketplace for authentic products.


Online select shop for women with discerning taste


LAZY NIGHT is an online select shop catering to women with discerning tastes in fashion and lifestyle. Launched in May 2022, the name itself embodies the essence of a cozy nighttime dedicated solely to oneself. Throughout thoughtfully curated brands products spanning fashion, beauty, lifestyle, arts and more, LAZY NIGHT delievers exceptional shopping experiences.

LAZY NIGHT goes beyond being a meticulous brand curator, as it also provides inspiring contents that suggest a variety of tastes and coveting lifestyles. It features a great selection of brands and shopping experiences, striving to make every woman’s taste-finding journey enjoyable.


Shop for exceptional, experimental designer brands


EMPTY aims to be a creative select shop that introduces fashion and lifestyle brands from both local and global. The name ‘EMPTY’ means to fill the empty space with authentic and indistinctive brands, in alignment with the MUSINSA’s philosophy of unearthing and supporting emerging brands.

Located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, the one-of-a-kind EMPTY store is a space for brands that boast their own unique philosophies and identities, rather than conforming to widely recognized norms. Whether you visit EMPTY’s distinctive brick-and-mortar store or explore the online shop, you'll find an array of exceptional designer brands, each with its own captivating story and design.