MU-B wiki: DOFFJASON - From selling 5 items to generating over 10 billion KRW in sales

April 4, 2024

 🆅 DOFFJASON, How successful is it these days?

- Year after year, sales continue to double, with a target of 20 billion KRW in 2024!  

- In 2022, during the 2-week at The Hyundai Seoul pop-up, sales reached 200 million KRW, and the prepared quantities sold out in just 3 days.

- By the third quarter of 2023, the GMV for the women’s line ‘DOFFSEPT’ increased by 180% YoY

Three key figures co-created by DOFFJASON and MUSINSA

Originally aiming to sell just 5 jackets a day to cover lunch expenses, DOFFJASON ended up selling over 20,000 jackets.

Could there be a more dream-like story for someone who wants to start a fashion brand? ‘DOFFJASON’ is a leather specialty brand that has grown rapidly in partnership with MUSINSA since its early days. 

Let's rewind to 2016, eight years back. That's when DOFFJASON was born. Back then, brands like Covernat and thisisneverthat were just starting to make waves offline after gaining popularity online.

Back then, CEO Shin Yoon-cheol was well-versed in the leather business inherited from his family, but he lacked the expertise in appealing his products to the younger generation. It’s interesting how he decided to partner with MUSINSA as soon as he launched the brand.  

“I approached well-dressed individuals passing by and asked where they purchased their clothing.
Many mentioned MUSINSA.”

Observing that stylish individuals frequently patronized MUSINSA,
I felt compelled to align with this trend.
Thus, I took the initiative to personally draft an email inquiring about a potential partnership.”

- Shin Yoon-cheol, CEO of DOFFJASON,

During that period, streetwear brands held sway, even on MUSINSA, making the partnership with DOFFJASON, a 'leather specialty brand,' truly remarkable. As per the MD in MUSINA, emphasizing this unexpected collaboration and DOFFJASON's fundamental ethos of craftsmanship played a crucial role in shaping their content strategy.

“We believed that effectively storytelling which the brand prided itself on, the craftsmanship involved in the production process and leather care system, was essential for promotion. Emphasizing the quality while maintaining reasonable prices, we showcased the brand’s news, photo showcases, and video content containing the brand’s story across various sections of MUSINSA. The brand also actively participated in company-wide campaigns and yielded positive results.”

“In the FW season of 2023, we aimed for synergy between online and offline by holding offline pop-ups at SQUARE Seongsu, an offline space run by MUSINSA. Subsequently, we entered MUSINSA Hongdae and Daegu, expanding the brand’s offline customer touchpoints.”

- The MD of MUSINSA who respects DOFFJASON’s craftsmanship

The story of DOFFJASON, focusing on craftsmanship and production processes, was featured on MUSINSA TV’s ‘The Brand.’ 

Thanks to the efforts of both the brand and the platform, the Overfit veganleather single jacket surpassed sales of over 20K at MUSINSA in 2023 alone. From initially aiming to sell only 5 leather jackets a day for lunch during the early days of the startup, the brand has now produced a blockbuster bestseller with over 20K reviews. CEO Shin Yoon-cheol describes the changes after entering MUSINSA in this way. 

“Convincing production factories is crucial, constituting 50% of the brand’s business. Previously, we struggled to make small quantities, often resorting to pleas for assistance from trading factories. However, after partnering with MUSINSA, we could negotiate, saying, ‘I’m selling clothes at MUSINSA. If there’s a good response, we’ll make more.’"

"At first, gaining the trust of factory owners wasn't easy. However, the success stories of first-generation domestic brands like Covernat and thisisneverthat flourishing on MUSINSA helped sway the factory owners' opinions."

- Shin Yoon-cheol, CEO of DOFFJASON

Popular beliefs suggest that as a brand gains popularity, its quality often diminishes. However, DOFFJASON has defied this notion.

With a target revenue of 20 billion KRW this year, DOFFJASON has exceeded the GMV of 10 billion KRW, previously seen as the online brand limit within MUSINSA stores, for two consecutive years (2022-2023).

By staying true to its core principles while expanding its range of items and product lines, DOFFJASON has consistently demonstrated that in the fashion industry, 'prejudice is just prejudice.'

DOFFJASON maintains its commitment to creating better clothing, whether achieving 100 million KRW, 3 billion KRW, or 10 billion KRW. The flagship item that attests to this commitment is the ‘Lambskin 100 Rider Jacket’, named for undergoing over 100 revisions since its launch. Have you ever experienced making over 100 revisions to enhance a piece of work?

Building upon this strong foundation, DOFFJASON diversified into leather accessories such as belts and bags to mitigate the impact of seasonal slumps. Additionally, the MD who is in charge of the brand focused on collaborative endeavors within the accessory category to counteract potential declines in seasonal sales.

In 2021, DOFFJASON expanded its offerings with the introduction of the women’s leather line, 'DOFFSEPT.' By the third quarter of 2023, this line experienced rapid growth, with GMV at MUSINSA surging by 180% compared to the same period the previous year.

The photo shoot for the women’s line ‘DOFFSEPT,’ launched in 2021.

The way DOFFJASON balances between mass appeal and sensitivity breaks the stereotype that they can't coexist. Looking ahead to 2024, DOFFJASON aims to achieve a sales target of 200 billion KRW by expanding its collaborations with MUSINSA.

Finally, the MD at MUSINSA outlined how DOFFJASON uses the MUSINSA platform. 


- Developing new products based on MUSINSA sales data to identify optimal pricing and preferred designs, focusing on carryover items that consistently sell well regardless of the season. 

- Actively participating in MUSINSA’s campaigns and content creation to enhance brand awareness and appeal, leveraging the brand’s unique selling points.  

- Expanding offline presence by entering MUSINSA stores in Daegu and Hongdae in autumn 2023, along with operating exclusive pop-up stores at SQUARE Seongsu, thereby boosting online sales volume while broadening offline engagement.  

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