MU-B wiki: Rockfish Weatherwear - Unlocking the Three Strategies of Korea’s brand after Seizing Global Headquarters

April 22, 2024

 🆅 Rockfish Weatherwear, How successful is it these days?

- With a sales of 51 billion KRW and an operating profit of 17 billion KRW in 2023, it doubled its growth compared to the previous year.

- Sales of their bestseller rain boots jumped from 70,000 pairs in 2022 to 278,000 pairs in 2023!

- Following their acquisition of the UK headquarters in January, they’re aggressively expanding into Europe and Asia, eyeing an IPO in 2025.

In 2023, a domestic fashion gem skyrocketed, doubling its sales to 51 billion KRW and clinching the global reins by acquiring the UK headquarters. That gem? Rockfish Weatherwear.

Beginning with accessories, Rockfish Weatherwear swiftly diversified into apparel, rewriting the playbook for K-fashion success. From indispensable rain boots during monsoon seasons to charming Mary Jane shoes for spring and autumn, cozy gloves, and snug hats for winter, they’ve not just conquered domestic markets but ventured overseas as well. Still curious? We’ll unravel Rockfish Weatherwear’s success story from A to Z on MU-B Wiki!

Three key figures co-created by Rockfish Weatherwear and MUSINSA 

Rockfish Weatherwear started as a countryside lifestyle fashion brand in Cornwall, Southwest England, in 2004. It’s cherished for its original British sensibility and classic mood, reflected in its apparel and accessory items. 

A decade since its Korean debut in 2021, Rockfish Weatherwear embarked on a substantial rebranding, revitalizing its brand ethos and distribution channels. Shifting focus from channel expansion, it focused on MUSINSA and its online store, while significantly broadening its clothing offerings anchored by seasonal accessories like rain boots, Mary Jane flats, winter boots, scarves, gloves, and beyond.

MUSINSA TV’s ‘The Brand’ paints a vivid picture of Rockfish Weatherwear’s journey, showcasing its evolution into a culture-leading brand.

A Whopping 300 Million KRW Sold in 4 Hours, With a Stunning 280,000 Pairs Sold in Just the Summer Season 

The Unbeatable Item: ‘Rockfish Weatherwear Rain Boots’

Rockfish Weatherwear’s revamp truly shines through its partnership with MUSINSA. In the first half of 2022 alone, MUSINSA’s transaction volume skyrocketed eightfold from the previous year. Moreover, the MUSINSA live stream in May 2023 effortlessly surpassed 300 million KRW in just 4 hours. The success of the live stream, coupled with the tagline ‘Must-have invincible item for the rainy season’, sparked organic customer buzz, significantly boosting brand recognition.

Model Miyuki and actress Jung Yumi showcase the versatility of Rockfish Weatherwear Rain Boots in a stunning photoshoot

“At first, we had concerns about significantly reducing distribution channels and strengthening partnerships with MUSINSA.
Some even worried if it might lead to a decline in sales.

However, after releasing exclusive products on MUSINSA with unveiling showcase contents,
we realized that those concerns were unfounded,
as we observed an immediate response from MUSINSA customers”

- Rockfish Weatherwear Brand MD

Thanks to a robust sales strategy and impactful content, sales of Rockfish Weatherwear rain boots soared to a staggering 278,000 pairs during the summer of 2023, more than quadrupling from 2022. 


Stylish model photoshoots featuring Rockfish Weatherwear’s winter products such as gloves, padding boots, and hats

It wasn’t just about rain boots. The fleece and padding boots introduced in winter witnessed sales of over 160,000 pairs, more than doubling from 2022. Following that, from Mary Jane flat shoes and hats to gloves and clothing in spring and autumn! By showcasing mega-hit items each season, we’re steadily establishing ourselves as a brand that heralds the changing seasons naturally.

The lookbook for the BRYN VELCRO SNEAKERS, a collaboration between the entering brand GLOWNY and Rockfish Weatherwear

Rockfish Weatherwear is seizing the opportunity by launching exclusive items on MUSINSA, enabling new customers to embrace the brand. These sneakers were a direct collaboration between Rockfish Weatherwear and GLOWNY! The collaborative effort introduces BRYN VELCRO SNEAKERS, seamlessly blending GLOWNY’s vibe with Rockfish Weatherwear’s signature comfort, quickly propelling the product to the top spot on MUSINSA’s real-time ranking and igniting a viral buzz on social media. The response to the newly released BRYN VELCRO SNEAKERS in early April has been overwhelmingly positive!

Even during the winter months, offline stores are raking in monthly sales surpassing 690 million KRW, with a staggering 80% of shoppers being foreign tourists. 

To broaden customer engagement based on its robust identity as a ‘brand that evolves with the seasons’, Rockfish Weatherwear has expanded its offline flagship stores. In Seongsu and Hannam, monthly sales per store exceeded 6.9 million KRW in December. Customers visit these stores year-round, from spring to winter, and foreign purchases make up as much as 80%, solidifying its status as a ‘must-visit destination for tourists’. Additionally, in February of this year, Rockfish Weatherwear participated in the MUSINSA showroom in Tokyo, Japan, leaving a lasting impression on fashion and distribution buyers.

Best items displayed at the 24FW MUSINSA showroom held in Tokyo, Japan, in February 24.

With the acquisition of the UK headquarters earlier this year as a turning point, Rockfish Weatherwear plans aggressive moves, aiming for an IPO in the first half of 2025 and considering entering markets such as Europe, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.  Building on its success in Korea, Rockfish Weatherwear is poised to captivate the hearts of global female customers! 

Rockfish Weatherwear has crafted a winning formula through strategic collaborations with MUSINSA, innovative content and product planning, and dynamic marketing activities. As a brand that transcends seasons and borders, Rockfish Weatherwear is already generating significant anticipation.

Lastly, the MD shares insights into Rockfish Weatherwear’s MUSINSA strategy: 

🆅 3 Ways Rockfish Weatherwear utilizes MUSINSA

- Rockfish Weatherwear raised brand awareness and product competitiveness by showcasing celebrity and influencer styling photoshoots, among other MUSINSA content, offering a distinct mood from the brand lookbook.

- Taking into account MUSINSA customer target issues and fashion trends, Rockfish Weatherwear released collaborative products with GLOWNY that resonate well with their brand, thereby increasing visibility and expanding their customer base.

- Rockfish Weatherwear actively participated in MUSINSA promotions such as extensive campaigns, live commerce, and exclusive discounts, maximizing sales effectiveness.

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